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WealthsuranceTM is a first of its kind combination of comprehensive investment choices, protected by powerful insurance options, all presented with a reasonable charge structure, making it a one stop solution to a customer’s wealth building plans. WealthsuranceTM offers investment choices such as Guaranteed Return Fund, Equity Funds, Debt Funds etc. ensuring that the customer would find all his investment requirements satisfied with this one powerful product. The powerful insurance benefits of WealthsuranceTM ensure that a customer’s wealth plan is not affected by unforeseen events that may strike them.

The guiding philosophy behind this product is that wealth will grow better with a protective cover. So, while one’s wealth stays invested, the insurance benefits ensure that life’s uncertainties such as death, terminal illness, 17 major diseases, sickness requiring hospitalisation or serious accidental injuries, do not disturb its growth. Wealthsurance is thus designed to also give living benefits to ensure one’s well-being in their lifetime. Customers can opt for a ready plan or build their own plan by choosing their own sum assured, investment plan, affordable premium, policy term and the type of insurance cover.

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